Core Approach

JoshThere are countless gyms and training outfits that start big, burn bright, and then fizzle: A company comes into town owned by investors, hires the first 20 trainers that apply, and hopes for the best. Before long, though, people catch on to the fact that the level of care and service doesn’t match the facade.

At Core Results, our approach is different. Since the spring of 2006, Core Results has grown organically. The biggest benefit of this growth for our clients is that I can take my time when bringing on new trainers. The hiring process can be a long one, but it is paramount that each trainer has made a conscious decision to make fitness a career, not just a hobby.  I want to know that fitness is something they are passionate about and that the level of professionalism they display reflects that passion. I think I’ve been very successful at finding trainers that fit this description. When a personal long-time client refers a mother, brother, or friend, I have ZERO hesitation turning them over to one of my trainers.

Core A strong core is the basis for everything we do, from swinging a golf club to sitting in a chair. Core training is any exercise that makes these muscles stronger, and we believe wholeheartedly in this practice as an integral part of any fitness program. We believe the best approach to core training is to mimic the movements we use in everyday life. That’s why a good portion of time spent with your trainer will focus on exercises that use the same muscle groups you use during the rest of your day in the same way you regularly use them. That’s the very definition of “functional training.”

Results Our motivation is your results. If your goal is to lose weight, your program will be designed to achieve that result. If your goal is to gain muscle and performance, your program will be designed for those specific aims.  We are NOT a one-size-fits-all program. Programs like that are out there (P90-X, Crossfit, Insanity, etc.), and they serve their purpose.  But we’ve built our company by listening to our clients’ needs and goals, and getting them RESULTS!

Joshua Hutchins, President
CSCS, ACE-CPT, TPI Certified