Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Just reach out to us. You can fill out the contact form, call us directly, or drop us an email. The owner, Josh Hutchins, will respond within hours in most cases and walk you through the process.

How am I matched up with a personal trainer?

During your initial conversation with Josh you will talk about things like goals, interests, requests, and scheduling needs. Based on these factors he will match you up with the appropriate  personal trainer.

How much does training cost?

This can vary widely depending on how frequently you come in, are you doing hour or half hours sessions, are you meeting your personal trainer on a regular schedule, etc. We recommend deciding how much you afford per week and then we can help you find training options that fit within that budget.

How long are the personal training sessions?

We offer 30 and 60 minutes sessions. Your personal trainer will be able to help you decide which best suites your fitness needs.

How often should I to meet with a personal trainer to see results?

We highly recommend meeting with your personal trainer at least twice a week. Consistency is a huge key to success. With that being said, our personal trainers are well versed in designing programs to fit your schedule.

How long do clients usually continue to use your service?

We have some clients that come in with very specific goals, they use our services to reach those goals, and then they venture out on their own.

We also have clients that have been coming in regularly for 10+ years. Fitness is a lifelong commitment with ever changing goals and obstacles. Our job is to keep you progressing towards those goals while overcoming the obstacles.

How is the Core Results personal training studio different from other gyms?

The Core Results private studio space is set up to cater specifically to the trainer/client relationship. Unlike “big box gyms” and some other studios, everyone that you will see here will be just like you and working out with a trainer. In fact, there are no “memberships”; meaning you will not see anyone working out unsupervised.