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Eric Johnson, B.A., CSCS

Have you ever wanted to train with a professional athlete? Here’s your chance!

Eric Johnson is a former professional soccer player whose career included time in the U.S with Real Salt Lake, in Turkey for Galatasaray and in Bulgaria for Lokomotiv Plovdiv.  Needless to say, Eric knows what it takes to succeed at the highest level.

After his playing days were over, Eric turned his attention to coaching and conditioning.  He has served as Strength and Conditioning Coach at Princeton University and then came to North Carolina to serve as a staff coach for Campbell University’s soccer program.

Eric has now turned his attention full time to personal training. He is taking his years of experience training himself and other athletes and channeling all that knowledge into helping a wide array of clientele. As a Certified Personal Trainer holding multiple certifications, Eric is as comfortable helping the couch potato lose weight as he is helping a young athlete train for next season.

“Everyone has an inner athlete with the ability to do great things. With proper training, nutrition and mental strength there comes an individual with endless opportunity. No matter your age, current ability or genetic make-up I am here to help you get to where you want to be.”
– Eric

Reviews & Testimonials for Eric Johnson

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Because of my specific knee and foot problems Josh assigned me to Eric Johnson, a former soccer player. I went to my first session 7 months ago and started going once a week. My feet and knees were improving, slowly. I finally bit the bullet and started going twice a week. I am so glad that I am doing this now. I can once again go up stairs, my legs and feet are getting stronger and I feel much better in general. Yoga has also improved. Eric is a wonderful trainer. He knows what I can do with my level of strength and challenges me... I highly recommend this facility for anyone that needs this type of rehab, or just to become more fit.

Working out with Eric is addictive – he’s a terrific trainer who really understands the physical, nutritional and stress-management issues that we all deal with. He’s flexible – will alter workouts if something is not working right or is hurting me, and he’s also willing to change times when we need to. And he’s fun!