Our Personal Trainers

Marcus Davis, BMS


Marcus Davis is the real deal! He’s travelled all over the world competing in various organizations including the Ultimate Fighting Championship where he reached #8 in the world in his weight class.

Originally from Bangor Maine, Marcus was a fighter from an early age becoming a pro boxer at age 18. After compiling a record of 17 wins and 2 losses, he made the switch to mixed martial arts. After early success he was chosen to compete on the reality show Ultimate Fighter Season 2 where he was eventually chosen to fight on the undercard in the finale. Over the next 11 years fought in the US, Canada, Sweden, and Germany; retiring in 2014 with a total record of 22-11.

Marcus has trained with the top MMA coaches. He holds a black belt under PHD Sueng O. Choi in Choishindo. Marcus holds an advanced Mongkol in Sityodtong Muay Thai under famous Muay Thai & MMA coach Mark Dellagrotte. Marcus is also a Master Coach under world renowned trainer Greg Jackson.

Since retiring from competition, Marcus has fully committed himself to using his years of experience and knowledge in the service of others. He has trained some of the top fighters in the world and continues to work with several. He’s travelled around the world to work with and train at various military installations and continues to work with law enforcement as a combative instructor.

Marcus has also adapted his skill set to enjoy the fulfillment that comes with training the average weekend warrior. – “As a coach I enjoy training the everyday person over the professional athlete. Athletes train because it is their job. Their motivation is the expectation of money. Whereas the everyday individual goes to the gym and is driven my by something more unique to that individual.”