Our Personal Trainers

Rendrick Taylor, M.S., SCCC, USAW-SPC

Have you ever wanted to train like the pros? How about an ACC athlete? Rendrick Taylor is your man. As a former football player at Clemson University and Tampa Bay Buccaneers and currently an ACC Strength and Conditioning coach, Rendrick knows how to take your fitness to the next level.

Rendrick started his fitness career as an athlete but since his playing days he has totally immersed himself into being the most well rounded professional possible. While obtaining his master from Clemson, he served as a Strength and Condition Graduate Assistant. From there he took a position as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for another ACC team. During that time he has acquired multiple certifications in performance, weight training, and functional movement.

Rendrick seamlessly transitions from training athletes to general populations by applying the same principles of planning, execution, and dedication.

He lives in Apex with his wife Brooke and their two daughters Ren and Reese.