Client Reviews & Testimonials

Weight Loss

Core Results Personal Training has been successfully helping clients reach their weight loss goals for more than a decade. Here are some reviews from clients who lost weight using Core Results Personal Training.

Strength Training

With functional strength training program design, clients will get stronger in the weight room as well as their everyday lives. Here are some reviews from clients who strength trained using Core Results Personal Training.

Injury Prevention and Post-Rehab Support

All strength training programs at Core Results are designed with injury prevention in mind. In addition, Core Results trainers are well qualified to pick up where physical therapists leave off and design post-rehab programs that takes clients from functional to exceptional. Here are some reviews from clients who have turned to Core Results Personal Training to continue their progression after physical therapy and rehabilitation programs.

Reviews and Testimonials for Core Results Personal Training in Raleigh, NC


Clients expect and receive an elite level of professionalism when they come to Core Results. See the reviews that clients have left about the professionalism of the Core Results personal trainers.

Effective Motivators

A large part of a personal trainer’s job is to keep the client motivated and engaged. The personal trainers at Core Results do just that. See reviews that clients have left about how motivated they have felt with the personal trainers at Core Results.

Training Facility

The Core Results studio is second to none in the area, and clients can’t help but mention the fantastic facilities in their reviews!

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