Why Choose Core Results Personal Training?

There are countless gyms and personal training services that start big, burn bright, and then fizzle. A company comes into town—owned by investors instead of fitness experts—hires the first 20 trainers that apply, and hopes for the best. It doesn’t take long for people to catch on that the level of care and service just doesn’t match the hype.

As the owner of Core Results Personal Training, my approach is different. I take my time when bringing on new trainers today, to make sure that trust is maintained. The hiring process can be a long one, but it is critical to make sure each trainer has made a conscious decision to make fitness a career, not just a hobby.  I want to know that personal training is something they are passionate about, and that the level of professionalism they display reflects that passion. I’ve been very successful at finding trainers that fit this description. When a long-time client of my own refers a mother, brother, or friend to Core Results, I don’t hesitate for a moment before entrusting them to one of my trainers.

Your results are what motivates me and my team of personal trainers. If your goal in personal training is to lose weight, your program will be designed to achieve that result. If your goal is to gain muscle and performance, your program will be designed for those specific aims. Core Results Personal Training is not a one-size-fits-all program. We’ve built our company by listening to your needs and goals, and getting you results!

Aaron Hornstra, Owner