Our Personal Trainers

Howie Patterson, B.S., CPT

Howie Patterson is a teacher at heart. Whether he’s instructing his clients on proper form in the gym or how to make healthy choices between sessions, his love for teaching shines through.

After obtaining his degree in Education from Kent State, he taught in various capacities for over nine years. This included two years in China where he taught English and American History and helped to develop curriculum at an international school. Howie describes this as an eye-opening experience; one where he gained a cultural perspective and was pushed outside his comfort zone. He even had the opportunity to run a 10K on the Huangyaguan section of Great Wall!

Upon returning to the states, Howie decided to transition from teaching children in the classroom to teaching people of all ages how to live healthier lives. He became a certified personal trainer, started training full time and hasn’t looked back since.

In his free time Howie enjoys competition of all kind. One such competition is the Arnold Pump and Run 5K which he enters every year with a group of old friends. This is a really unique competition where you bench press your body weight as many times as you can and then immediately run a 5k. In 2017, Howie finished 27th out of 713 entries after benching his body weight 30 times and then running a 21 minute 5K. Pretty impressive!