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Free Weights vs. Machine Weights: A Comparison of the Two

There is a lot of debate in the fitness world on whether free weights or machine weights are more effective. Both methods have their advantages. Free weights are less limiting when it comes to range of motion, enabling you to strengthen a wider range of muscle groups. Machine weights, offer a different advantage: the ability […]

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Exercise Can Significantly Boost Your Recovery Post Injury

When one area of the body is injured, it is important to strengthen supportive muscles in addition to rebuilding those that have been damaged or weakened from inactivity overtime. With a post injury exercise plan tailored to your needs, personal trainers can help you re-establish full range of motion, strength and flexibility.    The Importance of […]

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Exercise for a Better State of Mind

Mental health impacts more than just our inner sense of well-being. A poor state of mind can wreck havoc on your sleeping habits, lower your immune system and even reduce your ability to manage pain. Behavioral health conditions like anxiety, work induced stress and depression are widespread. According to a 2018 SAMHSA survey, one in […]

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BCAAs Fact or Fiction: What Does the Science Say

Nutrition is the other major component of healthy living. Most fitness enthusiasts achieve the results they are looking for with a well-balanced exercise plan and diet. For serious fitness enthusiasts or those looking for an additional push, supplements can help you reach that next level. Individuals who are dieting to slim down in some areas […]

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Strength & Power: Training Tools for Endurance Athletes

Personal Training at Core Results Personal Training in Raleigh NC

Endurance athletes require special training to ensure their muscles can support intense activity for extended periods of time. Many endurance athletes avoid the weight room with the mindset that additional muscle mass will slow them down. It may seem counterintuitive, but stronger muscles are actually what power the body to move faster, for longer. At […]

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