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Reach Your Weight Loss Goals in 2024 with Individualized Personal Training

With the new year on the horizon, there is no better time to start working a plan towards achieving your weight loss goals for 2024. The first step to success is establishing your weight loss goal. Making Your Weight Loss Goal The number one recommendation from the American Heart Association when it comes to losing […]

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Exercise & Nutrition: The Key to Maximum Weight Loss

Personal Training at Core Results in Raleigh NC

If you feel as though you need to lose weight, you have taken the first step towards a healthier lifestyle. The two main components of losing weight are also overwhelmingly beneficial to your overall health: nutrition and exercise. The need to lose weight is widespread. A 2015-2016 report by the Centers of Disease Control and […]

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Is Alcohol Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

This is a conversation I have with clients often. Alcohol is the double whammy of foods when it comes to weight loss – not only is it empty calories but it also has detrimental effects on the way your body metabolizes other food. This is a really well written article on the subject courtesy of […]

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Tabata for the Holiday Season!

For most of us the holiday season means busy schedules, parties, and over eating.  How can we possibly keep up our fitness during this time of year?  The answer is Tabata training.  Tabata training involves multiple sets of short intervals of high intensity exercises with timed recovery between sets. The protocol can vary, but usually […]

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Is a Whole Food, Plant Based Diet Right for You?

Whole Food Plant Based Diet

by Aaron Hornstra, CSCS Thanks to the hit Netflix documentary “What the Health”, there has been an increase in popularity and awareness around a vegan or plant based diet.  The positive effects on our environment are undeniable; however, the question remains – Are whole food, plant based diets really healthier for us, and if so […]

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112 Pounds Weight Loss – An Outline for Success

John Adams has seen some incredible results while working with Raymond Desmarais and Core Results. I had a chance to ask John a few questions to try and get some insight on just what has made him so successful.

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