Exercise & Nutrition: The Key to Maximum Weight Loss

If you feel as though you need to lose weight, you have taken the first step towards a healthier lifestyle. The two main components of losing weight are also overwhelmingly beneficial to your overall health: nutrition and exercise.

The need to lose weight is widespread. A 2015-2016 report by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that more one third of the U.S. population is considered obese. According to the CDC, health conditions associated with obesity include, “heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer that are some of the leading causes of preventable, premature death.” While the implications are serious, the solution is simple. You can significantly reduce your risk of obesity and associated health conditions by eating healthy and regularly engaging in moderate to intense physical activity.


Eating healthy will not only help you lose weight but also makes you feel better.  Proteins boost your metabolism, have been shown to curb cravings and even release amino acids that help build muscle mass when it comes time to exercise. Vegetables that are low in carbohydrates, like broccoli and tomatoes, are also very low in calories, so you can eat a lot of them with no fear of calorie intake.

While you want to lower your overall calorie intake for weight loss, it is important to remember to adequately fuel yourself throughout the day. This helps prevent setbacks when it comes to sticking to a diet and is best accomplished by selecting the right kinds of foods (healthy fats are okay!) and consuming them at the right times. This is where having someone to keep you on track is particularly beneficial. When you work with a personal trainer, he or she will take the time to understand your needs and your lifestyle, then help you build a sustainable meal plan that will keep you on track as you hit your goals along the way.


When it comes to exercise for weight loss, your best bet is a combination of weight training and cardio. When weight training to lose pounds, you need to complete a high number of reps at a high level of intensity. You can gauge the intensity by your energy level as well as your physical ability to complete a set. For optimal weight loss results, push yourself to do as many reps as you can each time you exercise.

For cardio, our personal trainers recommend a variety of exercises in terms of resistance, speed and intensity, for optimal results. By mixing up cardio exercises, you get more of a full body workout, engage more muscles and burn fat in more areas, all key elements of a successful weight loss exercise plan.

While the solution is indeed simple, many people have difficulty sticking with exercise and nutrition plans to lose weight. For weight loss plans to be successful, they have to be seen all the way through. This is where working with a personal trainer makes all the difference.

When you come to Core Results Personal Training for weight loss, there are three main tools our trainers will use to help you lose weight: weight training, cardio and diet. Your trainer will work with you to determine how many reps and the level of intensity needed for each set to maximize your weight loss results. When cravings threaten to push you astray, your personal trainer will help you keep your eyes on the prize. Contact us for your first FREE consultation today!

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