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Achieve Your New Year Fitness Goals with Qualified Personal Training

What better New Year’s resolution than to prioritize your health. You can take a significant step towards improving your overall well–being by simply engaging in exercise on a regular basis. An article published in Healthy Living by the American Heart Association highlights the following as direct health benefits of regular physical activity: Lower blood pressure  […]

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Personal Trainers: Your Motivation for Success

Weight training with a personal trainer at Core Results

When it comes to fitness, much of what we achieve depends on our mindset. We can all relate to that feeling of not really being in the mood to workout. Unless you know how to shake the inevitable lack of motivation that rears its head from time to time, it will likely result in missed […]

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Exercise Can Significantly Boost Your Recovery Post Injury

When one area of the body is injured, it is important to strengthen supportive muscles in addition to rebuilding those that have been damaged or weakened from inactivity overtime. With a post injury exercise plan tailored to your needs, personal trainers can help you re-establish full range of motion, strength and flexibility.    The Importance of […]

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Consistency is Key!

Lisa is someone who has been a model client over the last year. Seemingly like clockwork, she comes in consistently and trains hard. As a result she has seen results. I had the chance to ask her about how she maintains that consistency and share a little about her keys to success.

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112 Pounds Weight Loss – An Outline for Success

John Adams has seen some incredible results while working with Raymond Desmarais and Core Results. I had a chance to ask John a few questions to try and get some insight on just what has made him so successful.

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