Personal Trainers: Your Motivation for Success

When it comes to fitness, much of what we achieve depends on our mindset. We can all relate to that feeling of not really being in the mood to workout. Unless you know how to shake the inevitable lack of motivation that rears its head from time to time, it will likely result in missed days of physical activity, less achievement of fitness goals over time and a higher risk of dropping out of the race for the long run.

The Link Between Mentality & Performance

For the best workout performance, try exercising when your mental energy levels are high, i.e., you are feeling positive and energized.

Researchers have found a strong correlation between mental energy and exercise motivation. A study conducted by Ranjana Mehta, Ph.D. of Michigan Technological University examined workout performance of one group of individuals that simultaneously completed a mental task in comparison to a group that did not. The group that completed the mental task executed 25 percent less endurance performance and up to anywhere from 10 to 66 percent less strength performance compared to those who had not. This indicates that mental fatigue has a direct, immediate impact on workout performance.

The Role of Self Perception

Studies also indicate that much of exercise motivation is linked with exercise identity. In other words, those who do not see themselves as exercisers tend not to exercise regularly, while those who do view themselves as physically active tend to be more physically active. Those who are encouraged to engage in competitive play at a young age tend to identify themselves as someone who enjoys exercise.

Next time you feel a lack of motivation, try visualizing yourself as a physically active person. This visualization will help motivate you to stay on track.

Find Your Motivation

An online survey of more than 500 participants identifies the following as common exercise motivators:

  • Setting a personal record
  • Working out with a friend
  • Monitoring progress on a fitness app

No matter what your motivation is, personal trainers can help keep you on track when the going gets tough. A large part of a personal trainer’s job is to keep the client motivated and engaged. The personal trainers at Core Results do just that.

“From my initial assessment, through today, Aaron has kept me motivated and on track. He has a great ability to understand the feelings behind weight loss and a desire to live a healthier life…Aaron also keeps me motivated and striving for improvement” – Melissa Bardsley. Read more reviews from our clients at Core Results Personal Training.

Stay motivated and reach your fitness goals with personal training for strength building and weight loss. Contact Core Results for your first FREE consult today!

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