Positive Workout Environments Promote Fitness Long Term

A positive workout environment helps motivate you to keep going strong for the long hall.  Just as with any establishment, when you spend time in a place you enjoy that makes you feel comfortable and provides the results you are looking for, you tend to come back. This concept can be applied to restaurants, movie theatres and even the workplace.

When it comes to exercise, much of what you accomplish depends on how comfortable you are with your surroundings. Your level of comfortability greatly impacts how often you work out, the duration of each session and whether you decide to stick with it for the long run. For the best results, consider these elements prior to choosing a personal training facility: the selection of the exercise equipment, the qualifications of the personal trainers and the quality of the space itself.

Selection of Exercise Equipment

By choosing a training facility with a wide selection of good quality equipment, you have the ability to engage in a broader range of exercise. When personal trainers have access to best in class equipment, sessions are always versatile. This is important for two main reasons.

  1. Versatile sessions hold your interest, making it more likely that you will stick to your exercise plan long term. Whether or not you are a creature of habit, if you can do your routine with your eyes closed, it is time to switch things up.
  2. Switching up your workout has major physical benefits as well. New workouts stimulate new muscle growth, helping you avoid the dreaded plateau. By exercising different muscles in different ways, the result is a stronger, more balanced body overall. Once additional strength is achieved, you are less likely to incur exercise related injuries and can more easily achieve your fitness goals.

Qualifications of Personal Trainers

The qualifications of the personal training staff also make a significant difference. Qualified personal trainers hold certifications from national accrediting agencies like the American Council on Exercise and the National Academy of Sports Medicine, are educated in the science behind exercise and nutrition, with degrees like Biological Sciences and Kinesiology and are extensively experienced in the field of fitness. Personal trainers often hold additional certifications, e.g. CPR Certified, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Corrective Exercise Specialist. They are also typically experienced in additional elements of physical fitness, like martial arts, weightlifting and sports conditioning, and bring their hands on experience to the table when helping clients achieve their fitness goals. When searching for a personal training facility, check the personal trainers’ qualifications to ensure their experience will meet your needs.

A Dedicated Space

Before settling on a personal training facility, check to make sure it has the amenities you are looking for. Common factors to consider include the quality of the equipment, any locker facilities, i.e. bathrooms, showers and your overall level of comfortability with the facility. By having a comfortable, well equipped space that is dedicated to working out with your personal trainer, you can focus more on achieving the results you want.

“The Core Results facility is always very clean and well-maintained, which has made for a nice environment to work out in.”

“I would highly recommend Core Results. Because they only open the gym to clients who are working with a trainer, the gym is never crowded. Since I’ve been working out there, I don’t think there has ever been more than 3-4 people working out at once.” Read more client reviews on our facilities.

At Core Results Personal Training, we understand the importance of being able to train in a positive, motivational environment and strive to provide just that. Visit one of our two studio facilities, located in Raleigh and Cary for total access to top of the line, best-in-class equipment and qualified trainers who will help you achieve maximum results.

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