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Stretch Your Limits with Pre & Post Workout Lengthening Exercises

One of the most valuable actions you can take post and pre-workout is simple to do but often overlooked. Stretching before you push your body to the limit can both help you reach new plateaus and prevent you from occurring injury in the process. Stretch your limits with pre and post workout lengthening exercises. Each […]

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Bridging the Gap Between Functionality & Performance with Post Rehab Exercise

A personal trainer working with a client

After completing a post injury rehabilitation program, patients receive follow up instructions to continue their recovery process on their own at home. One of the most vital components of any follow up plan is exercise. Rehab exercises are designed to reestablish full range of motion, so you can get back into your regular activities without […]

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Positive Workout Environments Promote Fitness Long Term

Parking at Core Results

A positive workout environment helps motivate you to keep going strong for the long hall.  Just as with any establishment, when you spend time in a place you enjoy that makes you feel comfortable and provides the results you are looking for, you tend to come back. This concept can be applied to restaurants, movie […]

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Personal Trainers: Your Motivation for Success

Weight training with a personal trainer at Core Results

When it comes to fitness, much of what we achieve depends on our mindset. We can all relate to that feeling of not really being in the mood to workout. Unless you know how to shake the inevitable lack of motivation that rears its head from time to time, it will likely result in missed […]

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