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JANUARY 3, 2024


Published in Wake Living Magazine

w/Aaron Hornstra, Core Results Personal Training Owner

Jaime: Tell me a little bit about how you got started in fitness and why you chose personal training.

Aaron: Playing athletics in high school led me to pursuing a degree in Exercise Science at Ithaca College. When I was in school, I envisioned working as a strength coach at a major university or for a professional team. After graduation, I was fortunate enough to land an internship at Stanford University in their Strength and Conditioning department. Reality soon set in. I quickly came to realize the extremely high demands for the position with the limited potential for growth. It wasn’t for me. Soon after, I took a personal training position at a private training studio on Long Island, New York, where I was able to train athletes as well as the general population. That was back in 2005, and I haven’t looked back since!

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fitness enthusiast, Core Results Personal Training will match your fitness level.

Jaime: What led you to open Core Results Personal Training?

Aaron: I have been training at Core Results since the beginning, although I am not the original founder. I participated as a full-time trainer for 11 years until 2022, at which point the owner and I came to terms on an agreement where he would step down and I would transition to ownership. It has always been a dream of mine to own my own studio, more less two!

Jaime: Who benefits from a personal trainer?

Aaron: Personal training is for anyone who is looking for an individualized approach to their health and fitness. Our clients range from semi-pro athletes, to urban professionals, to stay-at-home parents, to senior citizens. The “personal” aspect of this environment allows us to cater to each individual’s needs and ability levels. It provides structure, guidance, and accountability.

Jaime: How does strength training enhance people’s lives?

Aaron: Strength training can benefit everyone at every age throughout their lives. Some of the most important benefits include: lowering risk of injury, increasing strength of muscles and bones, decreasing risk of falling, boosting mood and reducing anxiety, helping to manage blood sugar, and also decreasing stubborn abdominal fat.

Jaime: What are the key principles of effective strength training?

Aaron: The key principles to an effective strength training program are consistency along with progressive overload. Consistency is crucial for stacking results, and then making sure to incrementally increase weights over time to force adaptation.

Jaime: How do you customize a strength training program for individuals with different fitness levels and goals?

Aaron: One of the biggest benefits of personal training is each client gets an individualized program. The program is specific to their goals, as well as takes into account where they’re starting from physically. During the initial session, our trainers take the client through an assessment or “screening workout” in order to get a baseline of how they move, as well as assess their strength and conditioning levels. This information provides a blueprint for planning a program specific to their body and goals. Every client is unique, with a unique physical history that’s taken into account when starting a new program. Over time, as your relationship with your trainer develops and abilities change, the trainer is able to adapt your ever-evolving program to meet your needs.

This exercise is like a superhero move, hitting your core, shoulders, upper and lower body all at once. It’s the ultimate multitasker exercise that’ll leave you feeling like a fitness rockstar!

Jaime: What advice do you have for clients who are new to strength training and may feel intimidated and unsure where to start?

Aaron: My best advice for anyone new to strength training is that it’s never too late to start. Get some professional help to learn the foundational movement patterns necessary to maximize your time and prevent risk of injury. Strength training will increase the quality of your life, especially as we age. It’s also important to choose exercises that align with your personal goals. In our boutique studio setting, each client works independently with their trainer, which provides a very non-intimidating environment. Our trainers and clients work together to be inclusive and encouraging to each other.

Jaime: How long does it take to see results?

Aaron: Someone new to strength training can expect to feel results in as little as a few sessions. With that being said, the initial adaptations during the first 6-8 weeks of a program are largely neuromuscular in nature. The body first needs to learn the movements, and then it will begin making changes to the muscle fibers’ strength and size.

5 Tips for Strength Training from Aaron @ Core Results Personal Training:

  1. Proper warmup is key in order to increase core body temperature and get blood flow to the working muscles. By doing this you are gradually preparing the body to work and in turn will decrease your risk of injury. It’s also a great time to work on dynamic flexibility and mobility (stretches with movement with the intent of increasing range of motion).
  2. Focus on proper technique to maximize working the intended muscle groups and decrease risk of injury.
  3. Make sure you’re always keeping progression in mind. The goal is to get stronger, so if an exercise begins to get easier, increase the load.
  4. Slow and controlled is the best way to keep the muscles under tension, which results in maximum adaptations and gains.
  5. Focus on the muscle groups you are intending to train. The body is smart and will constantly try to compensate, especially when working weaker muscles. The strong muscles try to take over and do the work. Being mindful creates a mind-body connection and helps stimulate the targeted muscles.

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