Consistency is Key!

How long have you been with Core Results? 
I started with Core Results in April 2015.

What were your goals when you decided to make the call to Core Results?
I decided to call because even though I regularly exercised and was happy with my weight, I wanted to be leaner. I explored some web sites of nearby personal training gyms and I thought Core Results would be a good fit for me. I wasn’t looking for a body building vibe, or a see and be seen atmosphere.

Many people are turned off by the “big box gyms”. What do you like about training in a smaller studio setting?
I like that Core Results is intimate and everyone is focused on their own work and there is a friendly feel.

Since the beginning you have worked with Eric Johnson. Describe that relationship.
I like working with Eric because he is very professional and has a great personality. He pushes me incrementally so that I don’t even realize it. He also is very knowledgable so that, for example, when my shoulder was hurting, he modified everything to not injure it further and to help it to heal faster. He is very supportive and encouraging.

How often do you meet with Eric?  
I meet with Eric 3 times a week. I started out 2 times a week, but I wanted it to be more routine, so we switched to 3 in August.

IMG_8604Describe your exercise routine.
My exercise routine involves conditioning, and weight lifting. I always stress to Eric that I do not want to have big muscles, but want to be strong and lean. I specifically would like to have lean arms and legs, so we do a LOT of squats. A lot of people think that they hurt your knees, but they don’t at all. I think my knees hurt less from all of those squats! Eric used to text me “assignments” for the days that I didn’t meet with him (I take one or two break days, but do something on the other two or three days), but now he set me up on an app that charts everything out for me and keeps track of everything. Some days I do cardio, like rowing a couple of miles or running and sometimes it is things like push ups, squats, lunges, light weight work that I can do at home.

Have you made any changes to your diet?
I haven’t made any big changes to my diet. Eric and I talk about nutrition, and I have tried to increase protein and have just realized that sometimes I may need to increase high quality carbs. I think I ate pretty well before, but I am definitely more conscious of it now.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced?
I don’t think I have really faced challenges. I am a person who thrives on routine, so it is pretty easy for me to come to my workouts. I actually look forward to it!

I can see the noticeable difference in strength since you began with us back in August.
Honestly, I don’t pay attention to how much weight I am using, etc., so I had to ask Eric for concrete examples. He said that when I began my back squat 1 rep max was 20 pounds when I started and is now 100 pounds. My maximum kettle ball swing was 15 pounds 12 reps when I began and is now 40 pounds 30 reps.

The other difference I have noticed is muscle tone.  Your arms look great!  Are you able to tell the difference?  Do people notice?
I feel pretty good about my arms. My husband says I am leaner, and I have gotten some compliments.

How have you maintained your drive to continue training and improving?
I am a very routine oriented person, so it isn’t hard for me to continue to work out. I have been routine with exercise for many years. I always tell people it is a habit–you have to think of it like showering or brushing your teeth. When I travel I really miss it. It is so important to keep moving. I feel like it keeps people young and I know that I don’t get sick very often. Exercise is the key to all of that–and its good for your brain and mood too. Do it!!

Now that you’ve had considerable success, have your goals changed? What are you looking forward to now?
I think my goals are still the same. I would like my thighs to be leaner, so we can work on that before summer. I would like to be able to run better and farther. I can box jump 24 inches, but I would like to be able to do 30. As a 5’3 woman, that is pretty challenging! I just want to continue on this path and see where it takes me. I tell everyone how great Core Results and Eric have been for me.

Thanks to Lisa for taking the time to share a little about training.

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