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Strengthen Your Journey: Combining Strength Training with GLP-1 Weight Loss Drugs

Today, we’re delving into a topic that merges the worlds of strength training and pharmacology: GLP-1 weight loss drugs. Despite the recent hype, GLP-1 drugs by themselves aren’t necessary a magic pill for a healthy lifestyle. We’re going to dive into the intriguing intersection of the importance of exercise (specifically strength training) and GLP-1 inhibitors.  […]

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The Key To Losing Body Fat While Increasing Strength

I think it’s safe to say, for most people losing body fat and increasing lean muscle is an ideal achievement for overall health and fitness.  The question is how do we accomplish such a feat?  When talking about nutrition, we’ve all heard jokes about the stereotypical personal trainer pushing their clients to eat more and […]

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Is a Whole Food, Plant Based Diet Right for You?

Whole Food Plant Based Diet

by Aaron Hornstra, CSCS Thanks to the hit Netflix documentary “What the Health”, there has been an increase in popularity and awareness around a vegan or plant based diet.  The positive effects on our environment are undeniable; however, the question remains – Are whole food, plant based diets really healthier for us, and if so […]

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