Fitness Monitoring Apps Can Give You a Serious Motivation Boost

Track your fitness and seriously boost your chance of reaching your goals this year with wearable tech and mobile applications that monitor your physical activity. Sure, it’s easy to make a New Year’s Resolution to get fit. The hard part is keeping it. Staying in the game the whole year through can be a challenge for a lot of people. Fortunately, there is mounting evidence that the use of technology can be a major motivator when it comes to working out and continuing to work out the whole year through.

Many smartphones already have health and fitness apps preinstalled upon purchase. These apps show users how many steps they walk each day, the average number of steps they walk each week and more stats in an easy to view format. By looking at steps from a visual, birds eye view, users can see on average how much cardio they engage in and where they can increase the amount of steps they are taking each day. For visual learners, the insight provided in charts and graphs is particularly valuable.

Not a big fan of bringing your smartphone with you while you workout? Track your progress hands free with wearable tech. Wearable tech enables users to track activity levels, sleep quality, exercise and more. Wearable tech is also widely used by consumers. According to an Accenture consumer survey report, more than 1 in 6 U.S. consumers use wearable tech to monitor their physical activity, particularly those with chronic conditions that require ongoing monitoring.

Tracking your physical activity with fitness monitoring apps via smartphones and wearable tech is a great way to stay motivated long term. With quick, easy access to physical activity reporting, users can easily track progress, set personal goals and find the inspiration to beat them.

Nothing is more motivating than seeing real results, first-hand. At Core Results, our personal trainers are dedicated to doing just that – helping clients achieve the results they are looking for. “After ten months of training at Core Results with Aaron, I am back to running five days a week, averaging 20 miles a week at a 6 minute mile. Additionally, I am both muscle and core stronger with definition, and yes, a six pack. I just achieved two personal goals, 77 pushups in 60 seconds and 30 pushups on three medicine balls in 60 seconds.” Read more of our client testimonials.

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