Power Through Your Day with Regular, Ongoing Exercise

Beat fatigue with regular, ongoing exercise. It may seem counter-intuitive, but research shows the more you move, the more energized you feel. When you work out, your brain releases energy producing endorphins. Here are just a few key findings on the link between increased physical activity and energy levels in those who exercise.

  • Physical activity has been shown to produce more energy in individuals than caffeine. In one study, just 10 minutes of stair climbing proved more effective in terms of increasing alertness in sleep deprived individuals than the consumption of a moderate dose of caffeine.
  • Regular, ongoing exercise has also been shown to help individuals sleep better, for longer. A study conducted by Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine found that just thirty minutes of moderate activity three to four days a week significantly improved participants’ sleep quality and quantity. Better sleep at night translates into more energy by day. The key here is to engage in regular, ongoing exercise. Significant results were not recorded across all measures, i.e., sleep quality, sleep duration and daytime sleepiness, until after sixteen weeks of participation.

Get a boost of endorphins and a better night’s rest naturally by simply increasing the amount of physical activity you engage in each day. For many people, personal training is a great way to get started. Personal trainers work with you to identify your fitness goals and help you achieve them.

Once you see results and feel more energized from exercise, you won’t want to miss a session. If motivation is an issue for you, personal training can help there too. A large part of a personal trainer’s job is to keep the client motivated and engaged. At Core Results Personal Training, our expert team does just that!

We have two facilities, one in Raleigh and one in Cary. Whether you are looking to boost your strength, lose weight, improve performance or simply invest in your overall health and well-being, Core Results Personal Training can help you achieve that goal. Take the first step towards powering through your day. Contact us today!

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