Get the Most Out of Your Workout with a Healthy Diet

What you eat impacts your workout performance and recovery. Get the most out of your workout with a healthy diet: sustained energy, preserved muscle mass, better performance and more.

Sustained Energy

Carb consumption helps sustain energy. Foods rich in carbs can help provide energy before a long race or endurance exercise. Carbs are also quite useful to improve performance during shorter term, high intensity workouts.

For the best results, stick to complex carbohydrates, like stone-rolled oats or sweet potatoes.

Preserved Muscle Mass

Eating protein within a few hours before you workout helps boost muscle mass. When you eat protein, amino acids are released into your bloodstream, greatly increasing muscle-building capabilities. Protein consumption prior to working out and following exercise has been shown to help stimulate muscle tissue growth and repair. This reduces muscle damage and results in faster recovery.

Animal proteins, e.g, meat, eggs and poultry, are your best bet when it comes to essential amino acids. Add some carbs to your protein for additional muscle preservation and liver glycogen.

Better Performance

Increased muscle mass and better performance go hand in hand. Eating a combination of protein and carbs prior to exercise has been shown to boost performance. When asked what the ideal meal is for better performance, sports nutrition expert Christine Rosenbloom, PhD, RD says to look for choices that are:

  1. Low in fat
  2. Moderate in carbs and protein
  3. Low in fiber
  4. Full of fluids
  5. Made up of familiar, well tolerated foods

If you are running low on fuel during endurance or high intensity sessions, eating a few carbs can provide a much needed, immediate energy source. For training sessions lasting less than two hours, skip the carb intake during your workout and always be sure to drink plenty of water.

Additional Healthy Eating Tips:

  • Choose proteins, veggies and carbs that are minimally processed, high in quality & healthy.
  • Portions are key. Make sure your portion is the right size for your needs.
  • Eat slowly until you are full.

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