The Right Kind of Workout Protein Can Help Yield the Results You Want

Most people consume an adequate amount of protein each day. But when it comes to exercise, adding the right type of workout protein to your diet can make all the difference. With so many different workout proteins to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out which type to go with. Workout proteins like whey, casein and soy, have been shown to enhance both performance and recovery.

Whey Protein

What it is: One of the most common forms of workout protein, whey protein is comprised of a mixture of proteins isolated from the liquid part of milk that separates during cheese production. Whey is typically sold in a powder form and then mixed into a beverage.

How it impacts your workout: Due to the high number of amino acids the consumption of whey creates as well as its ability to be rapidly digested, whey protein is an excellent choice for improved muscle protein synthesis. What does that mean? Your body produces protein that repairs muscle damage from intense exercise or physical activity. The result? Improved strength, muscle gain and reduced body fat.

A 2011 study on whey’s impact on exercise recovery found that taking a large dose of whey immediately after exercise had the most benefit. McMaster University researcher, Daniel W.D. West, explains, “whey is high in leucine and the fact that it is rapidly digested means there is a rapid appearance of essential amino acids, including leucine.” These acids act as essential building blocks for muscle recovery and repair, making whey an ideal choice post workout.

Casein Protein

What it is: Casein is the other byproduct of cheese production – the solid part that separates from the liquid portion. Also typically purchased in powder form, casein protein is mixed and consumed with water and other beverages.

How it impacts your workout: Casein is digested very slowly in comparison to whey. Due to the slow digestion, casein is an ideal protein to reduce excessive eating and accompany weight loss initiatives. It is also a great protein for endurance athletes, as it provides long lasting energy.

Multi-protein blends including both casein and whey are also used to enhance workout and recovery.

Soy Protein

What it is: A plant-based protein, soy protein is isolated from the soybean legume. Due to its plant-based properties, soy protein is an ideal option for vegans, those with milk allergies and/or dairy intolerance. Despite the fact that this protein comes from plants, soy is a complete protein, meaning you will get all the amino acids you need for optimal muscle building and recovery.

How it impacts your workout: When it comes to the speed at which protein is used by the muscles, soy protein falls somewhere in the middle between whey and casein proteins.

When taking whey, casein or soy proteins, it is important to factor in how much protein you consume regularly throughout the day. Core Results personal trainers are extremely knowledgeable in regards to nutrition and exercise. Whether you are coming to lose weight, build muscle or improve endurance, our trainers will assist you in developing a nutrition plan that will fuel your workouts and provide the results you want.  

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